Is the Camera On?

cameraThere are days I feel like a part of the background. Nothing important, just a prop. The extra to someone else’s movie. Depending on my mood, I can be content with that.

Then there are the days when I feel the camera on me. I’m the star, everyone is watching. Those days it goes as deep as having my own theme music. It’s definitely a John Williams score going on in my head. Something cool like Indy or Superman. Yesterday was one of those days.

Put simply?

I got shit done.

First, I got back on the running routine. My expectation was low, maybe more of a walk. Instead I was able to run my route exactly as if I hadn’t skipped two weeks. No complaints from the meat sack I call a body, either. In fact I believe it energized the rest of my day.

The whole things felt like a domino effect. From there I took on the laborious chore of cleaning the carpets. With a borrowed carpet cleaner and heavy helping of elbow grease, I cleaned the shit of them. (Not literally. Let me be clear. There was no shit on our carpets. The dog is better trained than that.) Follow that up with a productive get together with my Writer’s Group, and I have to call the day a Win.

So when the day was done, I felt great. My carpets looked and smelled great. And, my blogging buddies and I set a timeline for new content AND recorded some new podcasts. Which is all great.

It leaves me wondering, though. Did this day of awesomeness happen because I had the “camera” rolling and the internal soundtrack playing, or did the awesomeness of my actions create the effect? Hmm, also kind of makes me question my sanity. Naaaaah, what kind of crazy man does that?

Maybe as a small experiment I’ll actually listen to an awesome soundtrack, create a John Williams playlist, say. Then play it to see if it effects my mood or output for the day. Definitely worth exploring.

In case you want a sample of what plays in my head:

[spotify  spotify:user:1246868545:playlist:0CBquEhs6AN1jY7C17cWVJ]

[EDIT: In response to The Daily Post‘s Daily Prompt]

be right backI’m holding off on my running for another week. After throwing my back out last weekend, I’m cautious in doing anything that could rehash the pain. Along that same vein, I’ll rewind a week in the C25k program. Don’t want to over do it.

I should probably also hold back any smoothie temptations until I can do something to deserve them.

HA! I almost kept a straight face writing that.

A Time to Run

I recently stumbled upon a blog talking about running, Doctor Who, and smoothies. I know, right? How could I not like it?

Unlike Sonya, My running epiphany didn’t happen during an episode of Doctor Who. It happened a bit earlier, but I did make the same correlation when it came to a perfect companion for the Doctor. Seriously though, why didn’t he hold timed running trials? Sure they had to have brains, but if they couldn’t outrun  an impending Dalek/Cyberman/Weeping Angel dooms day attack, what’s the point?

C25k logoI did like hearing that other people use the Couch to 5k program. That’s the program that got me moving like no gym coach in my life had ever been able to. Now that I’m rebooting it, I’ve gone right back to what I know works.

Then on top of that, she throws out a smoothie recipe that made my mouth water. Now that’s something I didn’t think of. Rewarding myself after the run. Now I’m not sure a rich and creamy smoothie might be the best reward, but heaven knows I’m not the one making all the best decisions. A smoothie can’t hurt, and will make damn sure I strap on those clods and head out the door.

In fact I think that post has inspired me to chronicle my own running regimen. Odin knows my cooking and recipes would be the last thing people would want to read, but my running… that could be interesting.

Well, interesting as long as I promise not to write about it everyday. Maybe just a segment. Once a week or so. Hmm.

Something to think about. Oh, and if Sonya reads this, I wonder if you could come up with a Doctor Who themed smoothie. I’d be happy to try it.

[Edited for spelling. Facepalm.]