Temporary Blog Site for The Shadowed Quill


And welcome to my very first post. I plan on having a working website soon, but until that happens this is where I’ll put all of my thoughts. I’ll do my best to inform you on what I’m up to, events I plan on attending, and how my novel is coming along. I invite you to join in with your thoughts, advice, or anything else you might have to say.

I have recently returned home from a four-day-weekend in San Diego. All four days were spent at the Comic-con. This year’s crowd out did last year’s (as it always does). All four days were sold out. The lines were long, and the felt I forgot my hockey pads at home while in the exhibit hall. Although with the exception of missing two panels due to full halls, I had an enjoyable time.

I had the opportunity to hear Orson Scott Card and Tad Williams, to name a few, speak on several panels. Ray Bradbury and Ray Harryhausen impressed me. Both are still active well into and past their retirements. Bradbury writes at least one poem or short story a day and plans on another publication soon.

However the highlight of the entire trip was to hear Neil Gaiman talk. Over one hour of uninterrupted Neil. No other panelists. No moderator. Just Neil and the audience. He claimed to be unprepared, but I don’t think that is ever possible for him. He has to be one of the most entertaining people I have ever met. Here’s a clip from that Spotlight session on how he received his nickname “Scary Trousers”:

Well, I think that’s all for now. I’ll keep things updated as much as possible.

S. C. Green


3 thoughts on “Temporary Blog Site for The Shadowed Quill

  1. Stephen! Hooray for a blog. Um…can’t see the clip of Neil, but I did see it earlier on youtube. Did you get to see the famous snog between him and J. Ross? Can’t wait to hear about your adventures at our next 12-step meeting…I mean writers group meeting. Heh heh…


  2. Oops. I lied. I can indeed see your Neil clip. There it is in all its glory. I could listen to him talk forever…

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