The Great Avoidance…

This blog has been deemed a distraction from my writing. I’m not sure how terribly untrue that is. I read other author’s websites and I think to myself, “I can do that, too.”

The main difference, though, is that they have books and short stories to boast about. All I have is last weekend’s vacation and a current word count (which I haven’t tallied yet). I’m currently working on chapter eight. I’m not happy with it yet to actually move on to the next chapter. Which is rather silly. I should just write it through and go back when I’m all done to fix up the problem areas. See, that’s the problem. I can see the answer right in front of me, but seem to lack the smarts to do what I know I need to do.


Now I must get ready to go to my nephew’s first birthday party. After that I plan to come home, put Atticus to bed, and dig into some peanut-butter cup ice cream while watching Buffy. Sounds like a good night.


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