Has this ever happened to you?

The other day I was rehashing my trip to San Diego for Comic-con ’07.  The long lines for popular panels.  Sitting in awe of brilliant speakers.  So on and so forth…

Anyways, the first night I was there, I got a hold of a pair of early screening passes to see Stardust.  After waiting nearly an hour in line, we were dismissed because the theater had already filled before we could see the glass doors to enter the building.  Apparently they used the same manner of think that only about 40% of the passes that are handed out actually get used.   However at a fan convention as big as this one, I would be safe to say that 98% showed up to see it.  That aside, we headed back to to the Gaslamp Quarter to drink our woes away.

On the way out of the this shopping complex, descending the escalator, I hear, “Hi Steve.”  Going up the opposite escalator were a group of people I did not recognize.  It was definitely a woman’s voice, and I think there was one young woman looking at me, but I didn’t recognize her.  She smiled and continued on her way.

No I know what you’re thinking.  Steve you’re hearing thing again.  But I’m not.  For the mere simple fact that person with me heard it as well.  Now I was still wearing my Comic-con badge that had my name on it, but it was facing my chest.  I lost her in the crowed and couldn’t find her again

Who was she. and how did she know me?  I tried to come up with some answers.  The best I could come up with was she picked a random common name and said “Hi, Steve”  to every man she passed.

Oh, well.  A mystery I may never solve.


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