A good friend of mine sent me a link to this video of Neil Gaiman on Myspace. Most of it, I have heard before in one form or another, but what I found particularly interesting was his description of his writing style. Once again, he gives me hope that I still have a fighting chance:

You’ll have to click here to see, I can’t seem to get the video to play here… hmmm.

*   *   *

Last night I awoke just before three to one of the biggest thunder storms I have seen or heard in a long time.  My only wish  was that it would happen during the day.  I lost about an hour of sleep.  Everyone in the house did fine.  The kids, if they woke up, didn’t get upset at the noise.  The dogs were even calm through the event.

I absolutely love thunder storms.  I remember as a kid watching them roll in and counting the lightning bolts shot from the thunderheads.  Eventually the sound of the thunder would catch up and send us running for home.  Then in a premature twilight the city would be blanketed  by a curtain of rain.  Mom had the candles ready just in case.  A warm hot chocolate steaming from a mug gripped in both hands.  And when it was time for bed, I let the white noise of falling rain put me to sleep.

It just doesn’t seem to be like that any more.  Chalk it up to global warming or merely too busy to notice the wonders around me.  Who knows.


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