Hooray, pink eye!

I woke up yesterday with my eye feeling a bit scratchy. By lunch time, it grew to an angry red and pussed gooey eye boogers. Because I have had children in day care, I’ve experienced this before…

Pink eye.

Everything I touch can become infected. It’s kind of like a diseased King Midas. First and foremost, I not supposed to touch my eye. If I do, everything I touch after that can get infected. I click the remote, put it down, you pick it up and change the channel. Then rub your eye…

BAM. Pink eye.

Although it does have its upside. See, it takes 24 hours after starting medication before it is no longer contagious. That means no work. Which in turn means, a full day to do all the writing I can muster. Here’s the trick. My wife also knows that this is not a debilitating sickness. There is a good chance she’ll want to take advantage of my being home and make me do extra chores. How terrible would that be? Getting out of work just to do more work. The injustice of it.

I will just have to convince her that, yes, I am indeed still working. My job today is stationed in front the every beckoning blank page. Sure, it doesn’t currently earn me any type of income, but some day it will. That’s why it is so important that I hone my craft at every possible moment that presents itself.

Makes sense, right?

Well, I have to drop Hailey off at school. When I get back, it’s on. I’ll let you know later how it went.

Type to you later.


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