Output: words and donations

Thursday’s writing fest didn’t go off quite as I had planned.  There were things that I needed to get done.  Like disinfecting the house, cleaning all the bed sheets, and anything else I touched.  That aside, I still had a great deal of time to write.  I managed to re-write two chapters and put out a little over 1,000 words.  Personally I feel that I should have done much more.  With exception of the re-writes, I didn’t accomplish more than on my write nights.  It’s as if I’m conditioned to only get that much out before my creative juices dry up.  Hmm…  I hope that doesn’t happen once I get the opportunity to make this my daily practice.

I just cleared it with my wife that this Labor Day weekend, I’m going to indirectly participate in the 3 day novel contest.  The only thing is I’m not going to register and I plan on working on my current novel.  Three full days of getting it all out.  I plan on turning off the internal editor and just write my heart out. I really want to finish this thing.  Once it’s done, I can turn back on the editor and let him work over-time.

Here’s the current word count.

*hushed silence fills the room*

20,031 words.

It’s coming along, but never fast enough.

Now it’s off to Goodwill.  Hailey finally cleaned out her room.  If only she could have done this before we moved last year.  It might have saved us a trip.  As it is, the car is completely full with her unwanted things.  Not to worry, I’m sure it will all be replaced with more meaningless crap by Christmas.  I really don’t think she realizes how spoiled she is.  What can you do?


2 thoughts on “Output: words and donations

  1. Congradulations that is a lot of writing. If you produce 1,000 for three days then maybe you book will be done. 20,031 words is a lot of work and you should be proud of that.


  2. I’m just getting caught up around here. You brok 20K! Woo hooo!!! Keep going! Maybe you can feign mumps or something to buy yourself some more time.


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