Back to work

I took an extra day off work, but now it’s time to head back.  I’m still hobbling around, but at least I can put more weight on that foot.  I should be okay for the day.

I’m getting mentally prepared for this weekend.  I’m spending it writing.  There is this contest that happens every Labor Day weekend called the 3 Day Novel Contest.  In three days you have to write a novel from scratch.  All you are allowed to have is an outline.  No writing before midnight the first night.  It’s such a rush.  I recommend everyone try it at least once.  However this year I’m not going to directly participate.  Instead of starting a whole new story, I’m taking the time to finish my current work.  Since I haven’t signed up or plan on submitting anything, it won’t be a problem.

I had originally planned on attending this year’s Copper Con.  A sci-fi convention the second week of September.  I’m not so sure now.  If my foot is doing better by then, I’ll consider it.  Otherwise, spending three days standing on a recently broken toe doesn’t sound like a good idea.

That’s all for now.  Type to you later.


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