Why do we plan?

It’s been a while since my last post.  Wow, did that feel like a confessional.  Seriously though, that last weekend’s writing bonanza tapped me out.  I felt drained, but in a good way.  Now the well is filling back up, and I’m ready to get back to it.

So let’s start with what I had originally planned for this weekend.  The Copper Con.  The local science-fiction/fantasy convention.  The number of panels that interested me quadrupled that of Comic-con, which I attended in July.  I wanted to do the whole reporter thing, taking notes and posting them here once or twice a day.  Sounded like fun.

Now here’s what’s really going to happen.  I’m going to work.  Now before we go on the whole I-hate-work-boss-from-hell tangent, I have to say I enjoy my work and my boss is the best I’ve ever worked for.  Currently I drive around town delivering auto parts.  It’s an okay gig.  I get a company truck, and I get a great deal of time to myself.  As of Monday morning I will be working “in house”.  Sure, I’ll be working with the grumpiest man alive, but for some strange reason, we get along.  Let’s also not forget the extra money.  That’s always a good thing. I’m also hoping that with any down time, I can’t actually get a little bit of writing done.  Previously that has been impossible.  Nobody likes to look at the driver next to them and see him scrawling away at a note pad while cruising at seventy-plus miles an hour.

So with the short notice of the promotion, my boss wanted me to come in today, Saturday, to start learning the ropes.  The whole thing is bitter-sweet.  The convention is a once a year thing, while if I pass on the promotion, it might not be presented to me again.  Ideally, one day I will be able to live off my massive book sales. *I’m putting it out there, Universe, if you’re listening*

So as I can’t give feedback on the convention, I will try to update you on my novel.  I don’t think I can keep my fingers from the keys any longer.


—current word count: just under 30,000.


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