Writing again, finally…

Since the Labor Day weekend, I haven’t written much.  Several reasons.

Temporary burn out.  I wrote so much in such a short time, I think I blew a circuit.  I’ve since replaced the fuseand am geared to get back to work.

Then as I previously posted, I was promoted at work.  I stressed over that for a bit as well.  I get set in a groove, and I hate to have it changed.  Even if it is for the better.  I know I’m broken, but at least I recognize it in myself and can deal with it.   Now the the new position has to wait while they find someone to replace my previous post.  Anyone live in Phoenix, AZ, has a clean driving record, and is smarter than a rock…  well, smarter than two rocks?  If so, contact me.  I’ll hook you up.

Today I took Hailey for her MRI.  For the most part, it went smooth.  When it came time to give her a shot of contrast dye, they had a hard time getting a vein.  Three nurses and five sticks later they finally got it in.  I felt so bad for her.  It wasn’t like I could say, “Stick me instead.”  Luckily for Hailey, karma was on her side.  When I took her back to school afterwards, they told me to take her home.  The A/C wasn’t working in the school, and they were getting ready to dismiss everyone for the day.  So she got to sit at home and read her new books she got this weekend.  All is well.  Now we have to wait for the results.  Should be a day or two.

I plan on spending the next couple of evenings writing.  I’ll keep you posted.


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