Novel Update…

Raven FlightOver the last week, any spare time I had for writing, I tried to commit to writing my story. My Thursday night class, ‘Revising the Novel’, was canceled for the week. Instead I used that time to do some extra writing. I have to say I’m not pumping out the words like I did over Labor Day weekend, but the words are still flowing.

I wrapped up chapter fourteen, and I’m almost done with fifteen. At this point in the story the characters and events head into a break-neck, roller coaster, keep-turning-the-page pace. All the dominoes have been set up and they are ready to fall. The pattern that emerges, I hope, will entrance all. Just thinking about it sets my arm hair on end. I hear that’s a good sign.

So here’s the tally to date:

33,123 words over fifteen chapters (fifteen still to be completed)


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