Sorry for the Neglect

I had this thought. I went something like this…

“If every time I had the desire to write, I should put all that energy into my current novel.”

In theory, it sounded good. In practice, it did more harm than good. My attention to this blog lagged to the point where I strained to remember my password to log in. As for the output on Raven’s Mark, absolutely no change at all. Don’t get me wrong. I have still been writing. In fact I’m now in the middle of chapter seventeen. What hasn’t changed is how much time and energy go into that piece of work. Another glitch that I hadn’t counted on happened in the lack of writing.

With this blog or other journal-type entries, I wrote almost every day. I practiced my craft and got things out on the screen or on the page. Regardless if it furthered a plot or deepened a character, it kept me in the habit. It also kept me sane. Stopping writing for me is like telling you to stop using you left arm. Sure for a while it would be challenging, but manageable. After a while, though, you’ll start getting moody. You’ll start to realize how important that arm was to you. Then once you get it back, it’ll take a time to get back in the habit of using it in the fashion you were previously accustomed to.

Make any sense? In any case, I intend to keep up this blog. If for anything else, it’ll be wholly selfish reasons that bring me back again. Life with out my left arm sucked.


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