Taking the Plunge

Last night proved to be a good night for writing.  I typed 740 words into the next chapter.  I got to a certain point and knew I needed to stop.  There’s a great deal going on, and I didn’t want to flub it up by typing while getting tired.  Now that the chapter is started, I want to get it all out.  I know when I have written something good when I get a chill and all of the hair on my  arm starts to stand up.  For me that’s a good sign.  Either that or I needed to turn the heater up.

*    *    *

The excitement this morning is revolving around the front bathroom.  Or not revolving in a manner of speaking.  The toilet in the front bathroom is clogged.  Usually it a non-issue.  I just grab a plunger and I’m good to go.  Not so today.  After giving it a good plunging, the water did go down… and then backed right up into the bath tub.


The plumbing in old houses suck. This third time this has happened since we moved in a year and a half ago.  The last time wasn’t more than three months ago.  At least we caught it before things started to overflow all over the place.  That’s me looking for the silver lining.  The plumbers will be here this afternoon to (hopefully) fix it.  At least no one will be home between now and then. Again, silver lining.

Now that I’ve thoroughly grossed you out talking about my backed-up plumbing, I’ll let you get on with your day.


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