Season’s Greeting

I have to tell you. This year I wasn’t feeling in the mood for X-mas. It wasn’t the gift giving or the the hell we call the mall. It wasn’t even the juggling all the family gatherings. I was so focused on other things that I couldn’t concentrate on the holiday season. The biggest distraction of all came from not having a vehicle of my own. Although I didn’t need one at the present moment. Within the next month, if I couldn’t get one, I would lose out on a promotion at work, it would be a struggle to get the kids to and from school, along with a number of other little things I normally would take for granted, like coming home at lunch.

That’s all over now.

I received wonderful gifts this year. From James Bond movies and Stardust to a DVD player and a coffee mug. For the first year my son used some of his own money, went to the dollar store with his mom, and bought everyone in the house gifts. He wrapped them himself as well. Trust me when I say that when your five-year-old does that for you, your heart will just melt. Aside from his, one of the best gifts I was given this year was my wife’s credit score.

Scion xDWith it we were able to get me a brand new Scion xD. From the color, Magnetic Grey, to the manual transmission, it was exactly what I wanted. We walked in with a plan. We knew what we could afford. Most of all, we weren’t afraid to walk out the door if the numbers didn’t add up to what we could do. Thanks to my beautiful wife’s credit score, we secured a better rate than expected, a payment we could afford, and we didn’t need to ask anyone to help us obtain it. It was the best feeling. Well, the second best feeling.

Letting my son whirl-wind through it to check it out had to be the best feeling.

So now that that heavy burden is lifted, I can concentrate on other things again. Most importantly, my story at hand. I am a mere three chapters away from finishing the first draft. I can stop researching online for cars and get to work. Speaking of which. I need to head to work right now.

Wishing you all the very best this holiday season. Keep your dreams alive, and there should be no reason they can’t manifest.


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