Reeling it in

It’s been a couple of days now with the new car, and I think it’s time to come back down from my little cloud.  I’ve become a bit self-absorbed and braggish about the whole deal.  If I’ve inadvertently offended you, I apologize.  I’ve also been referring to it as my car.  It’s not.  It’s our car.  Without Shanalee, we wouldn’t even have this car.

Since I was so specific in what I wanted in the car, i.e. manual transmission, I’ve left her out of the experience of driving it.  Don’t worry.  I plan on rectifying that.  I’m giving her driving lessons until she can drive it safely.  It will take a great deal of patience.  But for her, I have an infinite supply.

Now life is calling.  It is time to continue with my day-to-day trudge.   I haven’t forgot how lucky I truly am.  I am still ever grateful.

That didn’t taste so bad.  Although pride does leave a lingering after taste.


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