Hard Good-byes

Have you ever gotten so into a book that when it came to an end, you were upset or at least mildly disappointed that you had to find a new book?

I have done this plenty of times. If I’m lucky, it will be part of a series, and I can pick the next book. Not so lucky if it’s a stand alone novel. Also, it’s disgruntling if the series is still currently being written. I’m almost a little envious of people who are just now picking up the Harry Potter series. They won’t have to wait and can read right through all seven books. One of my favorite authors, Jim Butcher, is in the middle of two series. Both are outstanding, but the Codex Alera just released book four of six. The Harry Dresden novels is waiting on book ten. Jim has claimed to have a twenty-book series in mind ending with and apocalyptic trilogy. Although I am happy for these authors and their successes, waiting sucks.

Now I’m facing something similar.  The end of my novel.  I just have a few more chapters to go, and I’m having the hardest time letting go of these characters.  It’s silly I know, but there it is.  Even though the majority of the story has been written in the last year, it’s been with me for almost three years.  That’s a long time.  There’s a slight temptation to leave it unfinished.  In some weird way it might make it feel like the story’s still going.  I know that’s not true.  It would just be a really lame excuse not to finish what I started.

I also know that this isn’t the only book in this world.  I have a rough outline for three books altogether.  So I wouldn’t be walking away.  More like walking on.   I also would need to revise the story.  It is the rare person who can pop out a book on the first draft.  We already discussed how we tend not to like these people.

So the only wait I have is the getting my butt in gear and finishing the story.  So without further ado, I have a manuscript to finish.


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