Winter Woes

I took a three day weekend.  I needed to take my new car to get the extra accessories put on.  They wouldn’t do it on a Saturday, so I took Monday off.  For five hours I walked around the mall that was close by and watched I Am Legend.  Maybe I’ll write about that some other time.

I felt I wasted the day.  I should have toted along my laptop, found a cozy (or at least semi-quiet) spot, and wrote.  But I didn’t.  My own fault, I know.  In any case, when I get my car back I notice a huge scrap along the passenger side of the car.  I’m more than positive it wasn’t there before I dropped off the car.  The good news is that after I pointed out the scrap, they took full responsibility and will fix it.  The bad news is that now I need to find a way to get my car there again.  This time without taking a day off.

So here I am, waiting to take Hailey to school, saying good-bye to Shanalee and Atticus as they head off to school as well, and all I want to do is keep my skinny butt planted here on the couch and write.  I might not be fond of my work, but understand that I have to go.  Maybe I want a vacation.  I know I can’t take one until this summer.  In a way, I am feeling a bit envious of everyone else’s school breaks.  A couple weeks off in the winter and spring.  Almost three months off in the summer.  Sprinkle days off for holidays and conferences, and I’m left wanting that schedule.

Really I would rather stay at home writing.  For the sake of my family, I know that has to wait if it’s going to happen at all.  More and more I’m starting to doubt that’s going to be the case.  Woe is me.

Well, even if that is the case, I’m not going to stop writing.  Most of the writers I admire had to work a day job to support themselves in the beginning.  Since I’m not afraid to walk away from my job for a promising writing career, I think I’ll be okay.  Now the trick is getting that promising writing career.  Any suggestions?

Oh, well.  It’s time to head off to work.  Tonight I will be getting back to Jake in Raven’s Mark.  Almost done there.


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