Novel Note

I started work on chapter nineteen last night. I got about 450 words in. I almost got trapped in the “research mode” cycle. It was such a minor point too. So I just put some place holders there and continued on with the story. I can do the research later during the revisions. That way I know what I want the story to do and could possibly cut down on the amount of time I spend researching since I should know exactly what I want.

So here I am doing my best to avoid the pitfalls of writing avoidance. I’m so close to the end I can taste it. Kind of paper-like and inky.


One thought on “Novel Note

  1. I know what you mean about “research mode”. I write as much as I possibly can, making up all sorts of crap…and then, once I have a good draft down, THEN I do the research to add little bits of realism. Sometimes my research brings up something unexpected that I can use. I recall reading an interview with Booker Prize winner Graham Swift in which he stated that he doesn’t lose a lot of sleep if he uses plastic wrap in a scene and it wasn’t widely available until years later. The story and characters are the thing with him.
    Seems to have worked in his case. Good post…

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