Chapter Blue

I meant to write this a week ago. As most things go, I never quite had (made) the time. So where should I start? Ah, yes.

Blue Man GroupLast week I went to the Blue Man Group concer, How to be a Megastar 2.1 Tour. My parents bought my brother and me tickets for Christmas. I couldn’t have asked for better seats: fifth row, center-stage. From our vantage-point it was easier to see the performers themselves than watch the big screens.

If you have never seen a Blue Man Group show, you must. It is one of the most invigorating shows I have ever seen. The entertainment levels are through the roof. Their antics could force a smile from the grumpiest of people. At the same time, they also make you think. They have that new-alien-to-earth-trying-to-fit-in-to-the-culture thing going on. There’s quite a bit of audience participation as well. Several times they pulled people on stage to either use their credit cards to place a phone order, spit paint on them, regurgitate marshmallows on, or introduce the band.

Here’s the down side. Last spring I went to Vegas and caught the Blue Man Group show there at the Venetian. It was almost identical to the traveling tour, except better. The show there was longer and the stage setup was more elaborate. The slight difference between the two shows were minute, but the Vegas show offered more skits and crazy Blue Man antics. All in all, here’s the bottom line:

See them.

If they’re coming to your town, buy a ticket. If you can manage to be in one of the five cities that have a Blue Man Group, see that instead. It’s well worth the price of a ticket, be it front or back row.


My story is coming along a bit slower than I would like. I just finished chapter nineteen, and I can’t believe how short it is. It’s like Dan Brown short. I had originally planned for more to happen in this chapter, but something told me to end it where I did before moving on. Which makes me wonder, when should you do a chapter break versus a double space break?

My personal answer to that is creative intuition. I’ve read authors such as Terry Pratchett who doesn’t use chapters at all, only double space breaks. Vice-versa, authors like Jacqueline Carey don’t utilize double space breaks, only chapter breaks.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that I plan on beefing up that chapter a little more. Ultimately though, it’s going to remain short. All that I have left is the climactic battle scene and denouement my way out. Tomorrow night I’ll get the chance to do that. I’ll let you know how it goes.


One thought on “Chapter Blue

  1. The touring show is actually almost nothing like the Vegas show, except for a couple shared skits.

    Both are awesome, though, and leave you with the same feeling after the show.

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