Current Progress

Alright!  After putting in nearly eight hundred words, chapter twenty is finally finished.  It happened almost exactly how I planned it.  Granted there were characters I hadn’t expected and an intro action scene I didn’t quite expect, but I made it through.  I know that these last two chapters I wrote are going to need major over hauls.  I forced my way through them so I could get them out and done with.  I still struggle with the notion that it doesn’t have to be perfect the first time I write it.

Next up, I only have one chapter left.  I plan to denouement it up and call it a wrap.  If I had more time last night, I probably would have wrote all the way through.  As it is, I’ve had this next chapter mentally written for the last four months or so.  Maybe even longer than that.  I find that my writing takes leaps and bounds after I discover the “perfect” ending.  There’s that moment of insight that manifests in goose bumps up and down my arms.  My hair stands on end and like antennae, I receive this absolutely brilliant idea that brings the whole project into focus.

I guess you could say my arm hair is my barometer on how well my story is.  If when I read my story and get that same arm-hair-raising effect, then I’ll know I got it right.

So if all goes as planned, this weekend should mark the completion of my first novel.  Granted it might be a couple of days after my initial deadline, but I think I can look past that.  I will have completed my novel and that’s reward enough for me… for now.

Current word count:

44,610 words and one more chapter to go.


2 thoughts on “Current Progress

  1. Thank you. It’s been a long road, but the trip was well worth it. By this weekend I hope to be officially celebrating the final two words of my novel: “The End”.

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