Valentine’s Day Fiasco

I know it’s just another day. More specifically, a day for the card, candy and jewelry companies to dip into our hard-earned, tight wallets. Let’s not forget to add in florists to that mix. I think they’re the worst of them all. Any other time of the year I can find a dozen roses somewhere between $8 to $12. Come today, and look to be shelling out $25 to $50. If I wait till too late in the day, I will pay the same high price for partially wilted roses.

I will not buy “Valentine’s Day” candy. Don’t get me wrong. I will buy candy, but not one specifically marked for this holiday. More than likely those boxes of chocolate covered nuggets of love are left-overs from previous Valentine’s Day candy round-ups. They seemed to think they’ll sell more than they do. There’s nothing worse than opening a box of chocolates to find the color had turned from a milky brown to ashen white.

I also need to be careful when it comes to buying cards. I have fallen victim to buying the same card two years in a row. I had no idea. I don’t remember every single card I bought for my wife. Apparently she does though. The sad thing is, I don’t remember what card that was. So as I went to find another card , there was a great possibility I would purchase the same one once again.

As far as jewelry stores go, I really can’t fault them at this time of year. Those places are criminal YEAR ROUND.

With that all said and done,  I did all of that for my wife yesterday (except the jewelry, I hate criminals).  And I’ll do it again next year and the years to come.  It’s not that I feel pressure to do it.  It’s compulsory.  I love my wife so much, I take every advantage I can to dote on her (not in a smothering way either).  That’s right.  I’m a hopeful romantic.


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