I ran into somewhat of a problem last night while writing. I have this great idea for a story. For the last little while I’ve made some notes here and there waiting for the day I could finally put it to paper. Last night was my chance. I clocked out from work, came home to change, kissed my family and headed out to the coffee shop. All went well until I was about two pages in.

I couldn’t find the voice. At least not a believable, attention grabbing voice. I tried switching the point of view from limited third to first. Whatever I gained in voice and insight, I lost equally in characterization and narration. Both situations I can fix with a rewrite, but but I’m still unconvinced on which route to take. I might just end up writing two stories and see which one is better.

So if you’re keeping score, it’s currently short stories: 3, Stephen:0.


Oh, well. I could wallow in self-defeat or get over it and start writing some more. Who knows? I could come up with an entirely different idea today. I’d be happy to accept.


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