And So It Goes

Life can get so busy when you’re not expecting it.  Those times you are expecting it, it tends to be even busier.  I had hoped to have at least one of the three short stories I’ve started, finished by last weekend.  No luck.

I’ve gotten far with one though.  I might try to finish it tonight.  It’s a little darker than I feel right at the moment, so I might need to put it off for a day or two.  Then again, who knows what my mood will be like by this evening.  Another of the three ideas I know I’m going to shelf for a while.  At the time I thought of it, I knew it would be a great story.  I still think it is a great story, but I can’t get myself into it.  So it goes back into the idea file for some later consideration.  The third idea stems directly from my current job and a previous world I created.  “Fantasy Farce” I call it.  The first story is called Ogreman Industries.  The gist of it was a job interview gone awry.  I’m considering revising it and posting it here.  Check back for updates.  The new story, as yet untitled, will have to do with a certain job within Ogreman Industries.  I laugh to myself whenever I think about it, which doesn’t necessarily mean it would be funny to anyone else.

So there you have it.  A list of things to write.   A novel to revise.  So little time to get them all done.  Whatever I do manage to complete, I will be sure to let you know.


One thought on “And So It Goes

  1. It sounds like we blog and write about some similar topics. I’m currently writing a novel where the main character is living and trying to get by in a small midwestern town after he is “outed” as a vampire, and I just finished a short story that can loosely be described as sort of ghost story-ish. We certainly read a lot of the same books too. Best of luck in your writing!

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