Write, Write, Write

Three things I’ve failed to do in the last week. I’ve lost focus. I know it’s not writer’s block. I’m of a mind like Neil Gaiman, who claimed at last summer’s Comic-Con in San Diego, that writer’s block doesn’t exist. Writers merely get stuck, at which point you should write something else. Later an idea will occur, and you can go back to that previous story. When I heard that, it made so much sense to me. Here’s a link to a video some made of A Spotlight on Neil Gaiman. I haven’t watched it all the through.  I think it could be the entire panel.  The image is shaky, but the sound is okay. In any case, I’m not at a lack of any ideas. I have many that I want to get out. The problem is, I haven’t thought any one of those ideas out all the way. I need to brainstorm on what I want to say in those stories. Once I do that, I should be able to write straight through them. I spent so much time on the one novel, I think I forgot how I spark new stories. I know the process is different for every person. In fact, it might be different for each story by the same person. I will try again tonight.


This morning I read a blog by Rachel Caine on publishers and agents. It’s worth a read for anyone interested. I hope to be on the road to finding an agent this summer. I’m sure in the following months I will be scouring the web for all the information I can gather.


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