Pssst… over here.

Hard to believe I almost forgot my password.  It’s only been– what?– how many months now?

No excuses.  I stopped blogging.  I finished with my first novel, and I quit writing altogether.  Definitely not a good thing to do for an aspiring author.  Life got busy and my priorities changed for a while there.  New work environment, wife graduating and starting teaching.  My kids are getting older, but are as fun as ever.

So here I am, hanging my head in shame.


I’m not sure I want it.  I made the decision.  I’ll live with it.

Now I’m trying to move my life back to writing.  I found I’m the most happy when I’m at the keyboard (typing, not surfing), or giving/getting a critique.  It’s more than just the acceptance of the characters that live in my head.  It’s that their stories bring people entertainment or value of some sort.

I’ve started a new project that I want to set the fire under.  It’s urban fantasy but leaning towards horror.  The work title is Knight Terrors.  I’d give more detail, but the story is still coming to me.  As the world shows more to me, I’ll post back with things I feel need to be posted.

Or not.

I give no promises.  For the moment, the best thing for my writing is to keep it guilt free.  That means if I say I’ll post weekly and forget, I’ll feel bad.  When I feel bad, I avoid whatever I’m feeling bad about.  That would be writing.  Sure, it would be writing a blog, but I’d associate it with writing almost anything at all.  I can’t have that, now can I?

So.  I hope to be here more often.  If you feel the urge, drop me a comment.  Knowing that there’s an audience is a motivation to keep coming back.

May your dreams be safe and your lives adventurous.


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