Just Being

Once again I’m here to poke my head into the hole of the interweb.  I’ve been spending so much time living in the real word, I’ve neglected the virtual one.  That is if you don’t count Facebook.  I spend way too much time there, but I’m cutting back like a good recovering addict, which means I’ll be binging there by this evening.

Writing QuillA quick update on the new novel.  I’ve recently finished the new first chapter of Knight Terrors.  Now I sit and wait for the critique that should happen in a week or two.  Next it’s chapter three that will replace the previous chapter two.  Confused yet?  That’s why I have it all drawn out in one convenient One Note tab.  That can be a handy little program there.  Maybe by the next post I’ll throw down a current word count.

Late this month marked the beginning of the family birthday bash.  My son celebrated his seventh last Tuesday with the party happening tomorrow.  Next is my daughter a week from Monday.  We already gave her her gift, a shiny new Netbook.  My burthday is the following Friday.  Good Friday if you’re keeping track.  I deem it Great Friday because I’m taking the day off and doing whatever the hell I want.  A little over a week from that will be my wife’s birthday.  I think she’s opting to loaf all day without anyone bothering her.  That leaves me to head off any kid queries to help her retain a bubble of solitude.  Those days are the big ones.  I left out all the nieces, nephews, in-laws, and friends that also fall in between.

I’m starting something new.  Wine.  I’ve never cared for it in the past, but I’ve been reintroduced to it.  I want to know more.  Shanalee and I are starting a wine journal as well to chronicle the different wines and foods we try.  I even might use a blog post or two to relate my findings.  To date we’ve tried a Petite Sirah (not sure from where), Barefoot Shiraz, Gnarly Head Merlot, and Robert Mondavi Pinot Noir.  A friend brought over a bottle of wine during this that I liked, but I don’t remember what it was.  So far I enjoyed the Merlot the best and the Shiraz the worst.  In future posts of this nature any recommendations would be gladly welcomed.  It’s been a couple of weeks since our last sampling.  Tonight would be a good night to try the next.  Suggestions?  Right now we’re staying away from the pricey stuff.  I’d hate to put down a lump of money for something I couldn’t stomach.

I’ll have some more news to relate in the near future.  It’s still a little early for me to say.  I know.  I’m a tease.  And if by some slim chance you already know, keep your mouth shut. Otherwise I’ll be forced to rip your tongue out via your rectum.

Wow, I got violent there.  Must have something to do with the story I’m writing.  Yeah, I’ll blame that.

So, till next time, don’t forget to fondle your muse and keep life creative.


One thought on “Just Being

  1. So, wait, you don’t want people to know about your upcoming sex change operation? Okay, well mums the word.

    I drink a lot of wine, mostly Australian, mostly because I work in an Australian themed restaurant (Black Opal Shiraz is spicy and good, Mirassou Pinot Noir is dark and fruity, Red Diamond is another good label), but I drink it for the way it makes my head buzz more than for the taste. I have a terrible palate, what can I say. My recommendation to you and your lovely wife is to get a baby-sitter one Saturday night (you can ask me if you don’t value your children’s safety) and visit Kazmierz in Old Town Scottsdale and try a pinot noir from South Africa. It’s like 8 bucks a glass, but it’s really amazing. They also have splits, where you can get three wines to try.

    Take a deep breath, sit back and enjoy some wine, and in a couple weeks, you can get in for free on Ladies Night!



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