And Now For Something Different

I’ve been contemplating trying something new here.  In the past I’ve reviewed some of the books I’ve read for all to see.  I would like to continue that, but feel it’s not anything anyone hasn’t seen before.  Someone reads a book, rants or raves about it, I read the post and more often than not, I don’t read the book.  Here’s why.  Some reviews are just quick one-liners that barely pique my interest if at all, while others go on into such depth that the book becomes no longer worth reading.  So here’s my answer.

S. C. Green’s Halfway Through Book Review (cue the music and fanfare)

In these segments I’ll take a look at a book that I am only halfway through (hence the title).  This ensures several things.  One, I’m still in the thick of the story.  I believe my enjoyment of the novel (or lack thereof) will be easily noticed and conveyed to you the reader.  I’m not one to take notes on a story while I’m reading it.  Why would I?  So by the time I get done with it and eventually get around to posting my thoughts online, much of the details are lost in that infinite void that can be my brain.

Two: By reviewing without finishing the story I cannot ruin the book for anyone.  It’s like my own built in fail-safe.  There’s nothing worse than reading a review with an eye sore ***SPOILER ALERT*** lurking in the text.  Then you make the reader work to read your review.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to work at something that I’m doing for pure enjoyment (with the exception of the Choose Your Own Adventure book series.  I loved those books when I was a kid).  So by writing a review halfway through, I don’t risk any horrible spoilers.  Besides, if the ending of a book is known by the halfway mark, is it really a book you want to read?

Now there is one caveat to this plan of mine.  The Payoff.  Every good book has one, but you don’t know if it’s there unless you read all the way through to those two finalizing words: The End.  Basically, after committing days of your spare time to an author’s work, does the ending satisfy you?  Do you puff up and exhale as if you just embraced a good friend you won’t be seeing for a while?  Get a little misty eyed? (Don’t worry, I won’t tell.)  The Payoff is what you need to not feel cheated, to pick up another book by the same author, maybe a sequel to the one you just read.  If a book doesn’t have one, it shouldn’t have been written.

Here’s my work around.  After writing one of my Halfway Through Book Reviews, I promise to update you on whether or not the Payoff occurred.  For the sake of avoiding spoilers, I will keep it to a short Payoff Status Alert with a link to the original review.  I know this isn’t fool-proof.  It’s entirely possible that a book will captivate me, and I’ll gush to you my ever-loving praise of it.  Then when I close the back cover I find myself saying, “That’s it!?!”  At which point I’ll throw the book across the room.  Yes, it’s true.  I throw books.  But if the book deserves it, dammit…  I digress.

So there you have it.  In the next day or two I will have my first S. C. Green’s Halfway Through Book Review up and ready for your perusal.  Until then feel free to pick up a book un-reviewed.  Some risks were meant to be taken.


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