News, News, News

How much news can I pack into under five hundred words?  Where should we start?  Business or personal?  Right.


In the next few days I will become a father for the third time.  I could confuse you with due dates, inducement dates, and the tangled web of “just in case” planning, but I won’t.  Put simply, at any moment my beautiful wife will burst with our new baby girl.  I preemptively feel bad for her almost-Christmas birthday, which I know she will get repeatedly gypped on.  However, if she comes this weekend, I will be overjoyed to skip one or two holiday gatherings.

I would love to blame the preparations of this event for my lack of writing.  Both you and I know that would be a lie, and I won’t do that to you.  I can’t discount the wasted hours online or doing other procrastination-related tasks.  All of which I am planning on rectifying.  I could make it a New Year’s resolution, but why wait?  That would just be another procrastination.

Okay.  On to business.  Keeping the theme of new things in my life, I would like share with you a new project I’m involved in.  I’ve gotten together with several local (and not-so local) authors to showcase a group dynamic in writing.  We’re calling it the Parking Lot Confessional.

“Writing is a lonely business.”  I hear this time and time again.  It’s a fallacy.  Sure it’s only you strapped in that chair, punching those keys one word after the other, but that’s not the extent of the writer’s life.  You can surround yourself with a support group, other writers who have their own chairs they’re tied to.  They don’t even have to be at the same level.  In fact it’s better if they’re not.

We plan to get into this and much more in the months (years?) to come.  Please come and check us out there.

I’m off now to see if I can’t coax the newest addition into leaving her mother’s womb.  Best of wishes through this holiday season.


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