Toaster Nevermore?

January 19th marks the birth of Edgar Allen Poe.  For the last 200 years a mysterious toaster shows up at his grave to leave roses and a bottle of cognac.  A crowd of devoted Poe fans (Poe-natics?) gather to watch between midnight and 5:30 a.m. this toaster leave his offerings by the Gothic author’s tombstone.

Unfortunately, the Toaster did not show.  Why?  That can only be speculated at.  It could be that last year’s bicentennial of Poe’s birth marked a good stopping point to the toast. Or, the Toaster might have had the flu.  The last time the Toaster failed to make an appearance was in 1949.

Though publicly the toast went unshared, I shall raise a toast of my own.  To the man of the macabre, the author of stories that helped spark the creativity in my darker works.  To one felled to an early and unfortunate demise, but yet, ironically àpropos.  Thank you.  You will be forever remembered.

Whether or not this marks the end of the mysterious Toaster, we’ll not know until January 19, 2011.  The Toaster might come back.  A new Toaster might take his place.  Possibly, the tombstone will lay barren of rose and cognac.  The Toaster, nevermore.


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