Parlour Games at The Parking Lot Confessional

This week at The Parking Lot Confessional all of the Confessioners, myself included, are throwing their lot together to bring you a Round Robin story.

On Monday Amy McLane started Parlour Games. Here’s a taste:

As soon as I put the trans in my mouth, I knew it was a mistake.

It felt like a hot poker on my tongue. It tasted like a hunk of iron that had been marinated in a garbage can. I gave Tensen a tear-glazed look of panic. She grinned, her teeth smeared with silver. That metallic smile was the future. It was us, or would be, if I would stop being a chickenshit and just eat the damn thing.

Amy K. Nichols picked up the reigns on Wednesday and added more.

Tensen looked past me and her smile dropped. “Come on.”

Before I could turn to see the trouble, she’d pulled me to my feet and we were scrambling further down the alley.

“What’s wrong?”


Yesterday was my turn. I did my best to follow these outstanding ladies. See how I did:

“No. No. No,” Tensen cried.


Tensen shimmered green from head to toe. No. Not completely. The light didn’t shine from her mouth, but it did reflected from her metallic teeth. She spun around and looked over her shoulder.

“Is there anything?” Desperation in her voice.

“I don’t know,” but I did.

Be sure to tune in to The Parking Lot Confessional on Sunday to see how Michael Greenwald wraps it up. I hope you have as much fun reading it as we did writing it.


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