500 Club: Close At Hand

I’m joining the 500 Club over at The Parking Lot Confessional. Click here to find out how you can play along, too! Here goes…

“You just don’t drink another man’s water.”

Chase threw the empty water bottle across the warehouse. Well, as far as an empty water bottle will be thrown anyway. This was the third time this week he’s came back to his desk to find the water he’s been craving from working his ass off all morning drained.

“Really,” he yelled into the empty warehouse. “Who does that shit.”

Well enough was enough. He’d been toying with the notion of booby traps, but up to this point kept it to mental exercises. Now it’s playtime. He looked around for what he could use. Once he spotted the airbag, the corners of his mouth crept back to his ears. He grabbed some empty boxes and set to work.

Nobody would miss the airbag. It had been removed from a car unexploded and was scheduled to be scrapped. Part of Chase’s job was to detonate any airbags.  Once the airbags were expended, they were no longer considered hazardous materials. It was one of the few perks of his lowly position.

After an hour of set up, he snapped the measuring tape closed and admired his work. He hid the airbag inside of an empty cardboard box. There were so many boxes in here that no one should think anything of it. Just another box.

And that’s just what Chase wanted.

Inside that brown unsuspecting box sat the airbag waiting for a small trickle of electricity to set it off.  Chase threaded two wires from the airbag through the bottom of the box. One lead to a small car battery and the other to a piece of cardboard. He had folded the cardboard in half and placed a bottle of water on top. When the bottle was removed, the cardboard would spring up connecting the wire taped to it to a wire held up by a stand fashioned from a paperclip.

He covered all of the wires with invoices and padded envelopes. No way it looked suspicious. A little messy, sure, but anyone who knew Chase might actually think this was tidy for him. He pulled the tape measure out again, double-checking the distance between the water and the airbag box. This had to be perfect. If the box sat too close, there was the potential to break someone’s hand. Not that Chase would care at this point. The bastard did steal his water. However it wasn’t worth losing his job over.

No, he wanted the box just close enough to startle or give the slightest possible nudge to send water spattering over the offender. Chase unscrewed the cap and lightly placed it on top of the bottle. The trap was set.

It took another hour before he heard footsteps head in his direction. Chase sped to a stack of tires and crouched behind them. Earlier he convinced himself it would be better to stay completely hidden, but once he heard the footsteps stop in front of his desk, his will broke. He needed to see the perpetrator.

His eyes widened as he saw his boss reach for the bottle. He felt something drop in his gut. He saw himself in slow motion running, reaching for the bottle, the entire way yelling “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…”

By some miracle he reached the bottle first. Though his boss looked stunned at Chase’s outburst, he had no time to react as the lifted bottle set the charge and exploded the airbag.

Chase’s measurements were off. He wasn’t sure what broke his hand, the concussion of the airbag or the resulting fist slamming into his bosses face. He stood there cradling his hand and stare at his boss sprawled out on the warehouse floor.

All done. The only editing I did was spell check before publishing. Since this was for fun, there was no point to do more. Man that was fun!

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License



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