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Where the Hell Is George on the iPad?

3 Things I’m Currently Geeked Out On

Originally posted on The Parking Lot Confessional

By S. C. Green

Let me start by say thanks to the Amys. They have successfully turned me on to new things. Some which include sucking the time right from under me. If you haven’t already, please check out their posts on Monday and Wednesday to see what I mean. Now on to my three.

1. Where the Hell Is Matt?

I know this has been out for a couple of years now, but every now and again I find myself coming back to it. I can’t watch it without getting covered in goosebumps or filled to overflowing with sheer joy. Take time to watch it. Again, if you already have. I’ll wait.

This is one man. One man with a silly dance. He took that dance and shared it around the world, above it and even below it. The magic happens when people flood the screen and join him in his silly little dance. A single silly thing and the world is brought together, joy exuding from every individual.

I don’t know what Matt was thinking when he came up with this. I’m sure if I dug deep enough I’d uncover it, but I won’t. At risk of dispelling the magic, I won’t.

There’s a part of me that wants the same thing. I don’t have a silly dance. I do have a story. Lots to be sure. Some might think it’s silly, but I want to share them with the world, and have them bring people together. I think the trick might be in making sure I remain joyful throughout the experience of creating.

2. George R. R. Martin

This weekend I’m attending LepreCon 36 in Mesa, AZ. It’ll be the first time going to a convention in my own backyard, so to speak. I’ve been to the San Diego International Comic Book Convention (Comic-Con for short) several times, and I know that this won’t be on the scale of that event. I’m hoping anyway. That way I might have a better chance at meeting the author guest of honor, George R. R. Martin. He’s best know for his epic fantasy series, A Song of Fire And Ice. Each novel in the series is a door stopper. To be honest, I almost skipped the series due to the length of each installment. I’m so glad I didn’t. The way this man writes, it sucks you into the story and keeps a strong choke hold until the back cover is closed. The world is so rich and alive, I’m amazed that it came from one man’s mind.

There are grumblings among his fans to be sure. The rate at which he publishes a new installment is on the snail’s side of slow. I’m not in that camp. I’d prefer not to rush genius. Okay, maybe I’m still at the beginning of the series (book two to be exact) and still have plenty of material to read before I hit the wall of withdrawal.

This weekend I hope to get a glimpse inside this author’s writing mind. How does he keep all of his storylines straight? Where does his inspiration come from? Typical Q and A stuff, but interesting none the least.

3. The iPad

I’ve been thinking a lot about the iPad as of late. It’s not that I’m going to get one. The budget just can’t support it. It’s more because of what I think it can do for e-readers.

I’ve looked at the Kindle, Nook and other lesser known e-readers. To say I was impressed would be an understatement. You’re right, it’d be a flat-out lie. They’re horrible. I can turn paper pages faster than some of these can. Please don’t defend the technology based on its someday evolution. One day, yes, it might get fast. I don’t want to wait. The iPad however, doesn’t suffer from this. The pages flip as easy, if not easier than actual paper. It recreates the reading experience close enough that I don’t feel like I’m cheating on paper and ink. This was the missing link to get our future generations to read digitally in stead of hording volumes of kindling on our shelves.

With the number of Apple fans out there already, the number of units has to higher than any other e-reader on the market. Or soon to be.

I still need to sort out my thoughts on this. Look for it in a future blog either here or at my other site.

One thing all these have in common: To me they’re all sources of inspiration. Matt’s silly dance brings people together over a simple idea, a silly dance. George’s writing makes me try harder at my own writing. And the iPad makes me see that people will still be interested in reading for generations to come, no matter what form it’s packaged in.

That’s all for now. I think I might watch that video one more time before making my way to the convention this afternoon.

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