Something New

I think it might be time to set some sort of schedule here at The Shadowed Quill. My time is short, but I feel this is important to keep me doing the thing I love.


A good friend of mine, Amy K. Nichols, recently set a schedule for herself at her blog Amy Writes… She has a different topic every day she plans to post about. To date, she’s done great at keeping to the schedule. I want to try the same thing here. I freely admit.

I’m not delusional.

I know I can’t get a blog post up everyday and still get everything I need to do done. If I’m writing here everyday, I’m not working on my novel. That’s bad.

So here’s a new feature of The Shadowed Quill: Something New.

I plan to try something new at least once a week. Something I haven’t done before (hence new). To kick this off I’ve rolled up my sleeves and raided my wife’s pantry.

I’m making candy!

As a child my grandmother used to make the best sweets. No candy store could touch them. Most of them I dare not even attempt in my novice status. (Is there a status below novice? I might actually be there.)

Since she’s passed away years ago, I’ve taken to scouring the web for a recipe. Well, I found one. It’s for peanut butter pinwheels. These had to be one of my favorite things that she made. The total ingredients?


Powdered sugar, butter, vanilla extract, heavy cream, and peanut butter.

Did your arteries just harden too? What, no answer? Must be that diabetic coma.

So anyways. I’ve followed the recipe as close as I could and am now waiting the results. Once they’ve chilled long enough, I’ll give them a try. Really, how wrong can you go with sugar?

I’ll report back. Good or bad, I’ll even post pictures.


5 thoughts on “Something New

  1. Those sound awesome!! If you took them to the PLC meeting tonight and I didn’t get one I’m gonna cry!

    Thanks for the shout out. I love your idea here and look forward to reading all the new somethings you try. Yay!

    1. Thank you Amy. I actually did bring the pinwheels to the meeting tonight. I would like to say I’ll save some for you, but they’re going fast. They were a big enough hit though to guarantee a repeat performance sometime soon.

  2. I love the “something new” idea. Like you, I struggle to keep up my blog and still find time to work on my novel, which is far more interesting to me but take a great deal more energy than a blog post. (Plus, a blog post has that nice I-got-something-done-and-there-it-is feeling.)

    As a result, my goal is simple: two posts a week for an average of one every 3 days. And occasionally I through in a cheat and make a post out of what is really just a link to someone else’s work. 🙂

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