Updates And A Schedule

I promised an update on how the Peanut Butter Pinwheels came out, and here it is. They look beautiful and taste a million times better than that. One thing I had failed to do on my last post was to tell where I had gotten the recipe. My apologies to The Curious Domestic. Without that blog post I still would be dreaming of those pinwheels and not eating myself sick on them.

I think I made them too moist. They melt when I leave them out for too long. I don’t fault the recipe in the least, but it will be something I will tamper with for future attempts.

I also altered half the batch at the request of my wife. We melted a square of Ghirardelli chocolate and added it to the roll.




So thanks again to The Curious Domestic. I’m now even more popular in my house.

Time to switch gears.

As I’ve already mentioned, I want to start a schedule here at The Shadowed Quill. I’ve come up with a tentative schedule I’d like to try out. I’m going to keep it light for now, but by no means will this keep me from posting more if I should so feel the desire.

  • Mondays – Something New report. This is when I’ll share what new thing I’ve tried over the last week. Todays new thing is two-fold. The Peanut Butter Pinwheels and a new schedule. I already know the success of the first. The second’s success will be known in time.
  • Wednesdays – I’ll leave this one open for whatever’s on my mind. Could be food, a movie I just saw, a book I just read. Anything.
  • Fridays – This will be for a cross post I do every Friday at The Parking Lot Confessional. You might think of this as cheating, but hey. It’s my blog.

Like I said, this is tentative for now. If it works, great. If not, I’ll find something else to try.


2 thoughts on “Updates And A Schedule

  1. OH I’m so pleased they turned out great for you! Regarding the “melty” dough, blame it on the weather or maybe try using a bit less cream. Add it in small amounts until the consistency seems right. I’m sure your family wont mind you experimenting with a few more batches. I’ve been tinkering with a chocolate version too! 8) Now I want to go make candy!

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