Phoenix Comicon 2010


Since yesterday was Memorial Day, I decided to take the day off. Now that the week has officially started, I’m ready to dive in.

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Phoenix Comicon. The event lasted from Friday to Sunday with a preview night on Thursday for anyone with a full weekend pass. I managed to wrestle free of an other obligations and showed up on Saturday to revel in the geekery.

As I’ve noted before, this wasn’t my first convention. In fact it’s my second con in two weeks. There were far more people than at LepreCon 36, although I did run into several people that I met at the LepreCon. The numbers weren’t near what you’d expect to see in San Diego, but I have to say I saw more costumed attendees than I’ve seen anywhere. So much so, I felt the odd man out in shorts and t-shirt.

I did attend a few panels and relied on my camera instead of taking notes.


The audio didn’t come through. There is hope. A good friend of mine, Amy K. Nichols, also attended the convention. She went all three days AND is one of the best note takers I know. Check out her blog over at Amy Writes… for posts related to the panels at Phoenix Comicon.

I didn’t forget about my Something New challenge. I don’t think the convention counts as something new. This was the first time this convention was held in Phoenix, but it was far from my first time at a convention. So as my something new, I’ve decided to make a video montage of the sights there. This will be the first time I’ve added my own video to this blog.




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