Red Rock And Hidden Tupperware

This weekend marked the first ever Green family boys-only trip. With the new baby in the house, the levels of estrogen can get flowing pretty high. So I thought I’d show my son the best way to deal with it.

Road trip sans girls.

We packed up the car, kidnapped my brother and headed north. About an hour and a half from home is a town called Sedona. It has some of the best scenery here in Arizona. If you’re ever traveling this way, Sedona is a must for your itinerary. The sprouting red rock mountains bare uncanny resemblances to their namesakes: Coffee Pot Rock, Chimney Rock, Lizard Head, Ship Rock, Snoopy, and Bell Rock to name a few.

The tourist draw is bigger than ever. I don’t think I’ve seen it busier than I did this weekend. I’ll also point out for those that don’t already know, Sedona is a New Age Resort Town. Plenty of psychics and vortexes to be seen. If you’re into that stuff, you won’t be disappointed there. If not, there are plenty of other vendors willing to lighten your pockets. I’m found of this little fudge shop aptly named The Sedona Fudge Company. I can’t even drive through town without stopping for some Peanut Butter Fudge and Triple Chocolate Fudge. Saturday was no exception.

However this time, our trip had a different purpose. We set out to do some Geocaching. It was my brother’s first experience and my son and I were happy to clue him in. Simply put, we utilize multi-million dollar government satellites to find Tupperware in the woods. Here’s a more thorough explanation if you’re interested.

Something I would never had seen if not Geocaching.

Searching for these caches sent us to parts of Sedona I’ve never been to before. We hiked trails and traversed up mountains just to find these little treasures. I almost a little ashamed to mention that I didn’t know Sedona had its own airport. Now I know. One of the caches took us right next to it.
The day wasn’t all hunting. We took time to play in the creek. Some rock hopping and crawdad hunting added in to make a most enjoyable day.

If anything, this was a successful Something New. I will continue to plan trips like this for us to get out of the house to help preserve the strength of the testosterone for years to come. If you have any other suggestions on where to travel to in Arizona, please let me know in the comments. Who knows, it might be our next trip.


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3 thoughts on “Red Rock And Hidden Tupperware

  1. Sounds like a fun trip. Was tag surfing on WP and came across your post. Sounds like a beautiful place to go Geocaching. May have to plan a trip out that way myself..always wanted to try the southwest out and now it appears I have a valid excuse to make it out that way. Thanks for the read.

    1. I’m glad you found my post. There are plenty of caches covering this state. Sedona is just one of the beautiful spots to stop. Not to mention since the weather is so warm here, there is less down time over the winter months. Just be mindful of the desert denizens as you’re searching.

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