Focus Failure

I’ve been doing great lately with my writing. I’ve been keeping up with both blogs without taking too much time away from the family. That’s an accomplishment.

Now I’m finding this lack of focus hitting this last couple of days. It goes along with what Amy wrote at The PLC today. I don’t have a problem getting my butt in the chair. My issue deals with focusing my creativity where it should be at.

Have you noticed the new site design? Maybe you’ve been by often enough to see almost a daily change. Most minute, but other big. That’s where my creative energies have been slumming. In CSS code.

I can dabble in web design to some effect. I’m not someone to come to for help in making a full fledge website. Now I’m at a point where I can’t create what I have floating in my head, leaving me with two options.

1. Use up my precious writing time to learn more about web design, and then more time in implementing them.


2. Let it alone. Be happy with how it looks now and get on with the writing.

Most everyone will agree that the latter option is the better of the two. However, the inner perfectionist is threatening to go all OCD on me to get the former done.

Here’s what I have coming up. I have a Halfway Through Book Review ready to go. I’ll try to have that ready for next Wednesday. If I can magic up some extra time, I might just throw in an extra post. I’ll have another one to post close on its heels. I also plan on creating a new editing counter for Raven’s Mark. (I hate posts where I use the word “I” too much.)

With luck my focus will be aimed in the right direction. So if a change here or there should still happen on the site, please take it in stride. As long as I still produce content, right?


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One thought on “Focus Failure

  1. Oh man. I hear ya. I can tinker with code all day long. But it’s a total time suck! Don’t let it take your creative energy. Just write. Or maybe reward yourself with CSS time. Rewrite a chapter? You get to modify your stylesheet for 20 minutes. Something like that. Just an idea. Now stop reading this comment and go work on your book! 🙂

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