Pixar Does It Again

This post will be short. I’m tired. Lack of sleep. The perils of fatherhood. I’ll do my best to get a coherent thought across.

Yesterday I went with my entire family to see the movie Toy Story 3. It was the first movie that all five of us attended. We passed on the 3D version. The girls in my family get sick watching those. So we opted for the 2D version.

Quick review:

Andy is all grown up and headed to college. What’s to become of Woody, Buzz and the gang? Will it be donation, the attic or the trash?

I have to say I was skeptical going in. Pixar has such a golden reputation for making brilliant films, I was afraid they were falling in the Sequel Syndrome. That’s where a successful movie gets so many sequels that they stop numbering them and eventually sully the original work.

From there comes the Flu Films. This is when Hollywood gets infected with a sickness that forces them to regurgitate great films of the past. Only now it’s been meshed with newer concepts and dissolved in conflicting ideas, resulting in a chunky mess that you can’t flush quick enough. I might delve deeper on this phenomenon in a later post.

Toy Story 3 does NOT fall into this camp. The story was new and worth telling. Pixar didn’t reuse the same old tropes from the first two films to try to cash in on the franchise’s previous success. I found it refreshing as well to find the characters had aged as much as the gap between films. I enjoyed it from beginning to end and plan on purchasing it as soon as it’s available to buy.

Now it’s lunch time. Time to find a dark corner to take a nap.


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