The Forgiving Tree (via The Parking Lot Confessional)

I’m mixing the schedule up this week. At The Parking Lot Confessional we’re doing another round Robin story, and it’s my turn to start it off. This time around, instead of only four posts in the series, we’re extending it to six. Thursday will still be reserved for the 500 Club. What this means here is that I’ll be posting an extra day on Tuesday, and my normal Monday post will happen on Friday. Until then, enjoy the story, and tune it everyday to see how it turns out.

The Forgiving Tree The last time Landis sat under the Forgiving Tree, he was cradling his leg, freshly snapped from the fall. It had been more than four years since he’d been back here, his limp almost unnoticeable now. He no longer fit between the tree roots to rest his back against the old oak like he used to. Although, he tried for a while anyway. A thick rope hung from the branch above his head, forming a deep groove where the limb tried to grow around it. The … Read More

via The Parking Lot Confessional


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