Usurping Holiday Gods

What an incredibly busy time it’s been. This time of the year is so unbelievably stressful, I’m almost always shocked to find I’ve made it through. Although I might be a bit early stating that. I have one more gathering to attend.

My creative outlet has been stunted as of late. I’ve also had it pointed out that it’s my own fault. Then when searching for an old blog post, I found my own words telling me the same. I’ll get into that in a later post. For now I just want to throw out a quick update.

Over this last week I participated in a fun Round Robin event at the Parking Lot Confessional. I contributed the middle section of little tale, The Toll Road. Make sure you start with Part One if you care to read it.

I enjoy Round Robin storytelling. I already feel like I’m playing god when I’m writing. In a RR it’s like I’m usurping an old god in place of my new religion. I integrate elements of the previous regime to make the transition smooth, and then convert the followers to my way of thinking. At times it can be frustrating when I don’t have the last word, but when the other storytellers do such a wonderful job, it’s hard to stay discontented long.

Time to cut it off. I had a wonderful yesterday, and hope to carry the feeling through the next year.

To you and yours, a happy holiday season and prolific new year.


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