Are Most Books Depressing?

How is it that the last handful of books I’ve read have all left me feeling depressed? In fact, I’m finding it harder and harder to find a book that doesn’t leave me wanting to open a vein.

I understand that a book needs a certain level of opposition to create unique situations in order to keep the reader interested. That makes sense. I also know that the perfect, everybody-lives-happily-ever-after endings are most often trite and exhibit a lack of thinking-through talent of the author.

But dammit, give me some hope.

I’m tired of writers showing me how bleak and horrid life can be. I know this. I actively avoid the news for this very reason. I look to books and movies to escape the day-to-day crap. I want to feel uplifted when I’m done, or at least as if it was time well spent.

**Commence Rant

At the hight of these depressing books are dystopian, zombie and vampire novels. Well written or not, how do people find enjoyment in these?

All zombie books suck. There is no way to make them cool or relevant. They all appear to be the same. The world gets threatened by some unstoppable disease or curse that forces humanity to turn on itself in order to survive. The outcome is the same. Either everyone perishes, or so few survive, society as we know it ends to usher in a new era.

Sounds like the cry of an author to end it all.

Vampire books are close to zombies. Again, the onset is conceived in a virus or curse. But unlike the zombie genre, there are a myriad of directions writers have taken it. Some take the same route as zombie, meaning everyone or almost everyone dies. Then you have the writers that romanticize the genre, making the inflicted hot, horny and eternal. Woe is the poor, poor vampire that must suffer eternity having hot meaningless sex just to eat his or her partner while they cuddle. Don’t even get me started on the sparkles.

Vampires suck.

Now dystopians fall on the border of my like it/hate it line. When they’re well done, they force you to look at the current state affairs and project a worst-case-scenario. In some cases it might cause you to make some changes in your life. Even if they’re good, you can’t read them back-to-back. This man can only take so much negative, hopeless outlooks.

The worst is when an author attempts to combined all three. Dys-vambie-topians have me stomping my feet in outrage. Paint me a mental image worth seeing. Do any authors have a positive outlook for the future? Is this a publishing phase? If so, can we move on already?

**End Rant

I’ve been accused of being a Pollyanna, and on the surface I was offended. However, if I’m honest with myself, I think I am. I want everything to come out roses. I want the happily-ever-after. I want to feel good when I put down a book. I want to be reassured that there are things to look forward to.

So now you know my dirty little secret. I like happy endings. Is that so wrong?


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