Is Time in Your Head?

I’ve been doing some thinking lately.

Scary, I know.

Time seems to be on mind lately. Mainly, how to make more of it. How to manage it better. Realizing when something becomes a waste of it. Since science hasn’t made it possible to be in two places at once, I have to choose which activity is more worthy of my time. The physical world is demanding like that.

But we’re not just physical beings, are we. I might be chained to my work, but my brain cannot be physically restrained.

I’m currently in the works of creating an experiment. An experiment that’ll I’ll welcome you to join along in. If things go as planned, this time next week I’ll post a full explanation and instructions on how you can participate.

So sit tight, TSQ fans. In the mean time, check out some improve fiction happening over at The Parking Lot Confessional this week.


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