The Second Day

Continuing my Digital Detox

I should begin this entry with a little back story as well. My household is going through its domino-effect winter sickness. My youngest (fourteen months) is just now heading back to normal after almost three weeks of ear infections, coughs, snot and all around grossness. The sharing girl that she is, she gave it to me on Friday. I was over the worst of it by the time I started this detox. Yesterday my wife was infected. She spent the day at home with one trip to the doctor. Influenza type A.

So my day today started different. When my day gets shuffled around that early, I tend to forget things. Though I remembered to keep the radio off on the commute, I forgot to eat breakfast. That’s what I get when I switch child responsibilities.

Clarification: Normally my wife gets our daughter ready for daycare, and they leave together. I get my son ready for school and drop him off on my way to work. Since she was staying home, our son could take the bus, and I had to get our daughter to daycare.

The morning went much the same way as the previous morning, at work anyway. I found plenty of things to keep me busy, giving myself little time to even think about the detox.

Once again lunch is when it really hits me. I had to talk myself down from turning to the internet. What else are you supposed to do while you eat? I’m a two-handed eater, so writing’s out of the question. I’m not sure why, but I just don’t want to think while I eat. I think it’s bad for digestion. I know how retarded that sounds. Still doesn’t change how I feel.

I won out. No internet. Then I snuck off for a short power nap to occupy the rest of my lunch hour. My energy levels arent’ back to normal yet. I don’t usually feel the urge to nap this often.

The afternoon was hard, too. The rest of my workday was at the computer. The internet a click away. Leaving work early saved me today. With my wife sick, I had to pick up my daughter from the sitter’s.

At one point in the day I had to tell a coworker what I was doing. This guy loves to share whatever he finds online. I was at risk of offending him when I wouldn’t confirm something for him online. He respected my decision, but I’m not sure he fully understood.

He started treating me like a recovering alcoholic. In the middle of talking about entertainment media, covering Blockbuster to Hulu, he abruptly stopped and asked quite seriously, “Is it okay to talk this tech stuff?”

I told him yes, and did my best not to laugh.A couple of times he tried to pull me over to his computer to check something out. As if using his internet would be okay. I politely declined.

At home in the evening hand my hands full. Regulating homework and taking care of a newly toddling toddler is a hell of a lot harder than it sounds. I’ve done it plenty of times before, but doing it without help and feeling less than well is taxing to say the least. By the time the kids were in bed and the house quiet, all I wanted was to hold my sick wife on the couch and watch some pointless dramedy. I even tried to convince her that this would be best for both of us.

Even though she’s not joining me in my detox, she would not let me turn on the television. I’m thankful for that.

If she wasn’t there, I don’t know if I could’ve held out tonight. Right now I’m not remembering why I started this stupid experiment. It’ll come to me by morning, I’m sure.


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