The Third Day

My Digital Detox week continues…

I woke up with a surprise this morning. Pink eye! Woo-hoo! As much as this sucks to have, it’s one of the better things to stay home with. Well, it would’ve been had I not still been recovering from the flu.

Companies are typically okay if their workers show up with snifflely noses and coughs. In fact, I think they expect it. But as soon as the puss starts oozing from your eye, they don’t want you within a mile. Maybe it’s because you can control a cold enough to keep the Ick Factor down. Pink eye stares you in the face. Since it’s frowned upon to wear sunglasses indoors, your ick is there for all to see.

Staying home today involved taking care of my wife and baby. My wife watched television all. When you have the flu, there’s not much else you can do. My mother in-law watched the baby for a few hours so I could go to the doctor to get some drops to cure the ick. During that time I managed a nap and some valuable writing time.

Clarification: My mother in-law agreed to watch our daughter for several hours to allow us some time to rest and so she could spend some quality grandma/granddaughter time with her. We were not taking advantage of a doctor visit and the flu to get a few extra hours baby-free.

After returning from the doctor’s I kept moving till just before bed. Solo parenting is tough. I never even thought about my detox while tending to my children. Although the quiet times during the day got a little lonely because I couldn’t keep my wife company while she vegetated her flu away. Other than that, I think today might have been easier than the first two.

I did come to one conclusion today. Eating alone with only your thoughts, sucks. I’m actually contemplating skipping meals if I don’t have company or entertainment. Hey! Maybe I could market that in a diet. The Lonely Hearts Diet or The Lonely Stomachs Diet.


2 thoughts on “The Third Day

    1. The goop is gone. The trouble is, I had to throw away my last pair of contacts. Now I’m stuck with glasses until I can get my prescription filled. No one ever seems to keep my strength of contacts on hand. Stupid poor eye sight.

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