The Fourth Day

On with my Digital Detox journey…

Back to the typical day today. I’m really enjoying my morning commute without the radio on. This morning I had to explain to my son why I was doing this. We decided it was like grounding myself, but he was okay with it as long as he didn’t have to give anything up.

Clarification: This was the first day during my detox that I took my son to school. He had Monday off and with my wife staying home on Tuesday and Wednesday, he was able to take the bus to school.

I stayed pretty busy at work. Missing a day will do that. I had all of yesterday’s stuff to fix. No one else does my job quite right. That’s fine by me. Job security.

No after-lunch nap today. Eating lunch alone and in silence still sucks. I’m not sure that’ll ever change.

Clarification: The nap didn’t occur for two reasons. One, I had enough work to do that it cut into my lunch hour. Two, this was the first day that week I didn’t feel tired enough to need one.

This afternoon I tried to find as many things to do that would keep me away from my computer. The urge was strong today to check my blogs.

Last weekend I wrote two posts and scheduled them to go live today and tomorrow. I want to see if they’re getting a response. Maybe someone who’s read this blog reads the other blog and thinks I’m cheating on my detox. I can’t remember if I mentioned I had them all ready before it began. Or, maybe no one cares.

Update: No one commented on the aforementioned paranoia. I don’t think anybody noticed because, after checking, I didn’t give a heads-up on the scheduled posts.

Regardless, I needed to remain away from my computer as much as possible today. The temptation was just too great. With all I did today, I’m not sure I’ll have enough to do tomorrow. We’ll see.

As the day went, by the time I got home, I was beat. I brought home dinner because my wife was beat, too. Her first day back to work and all. We both agreed that the best way to end our day would be watching some shows. To let our brains be as dead as our bodies felt.

Tonight I was the strong one. She had some choice things to say about that, but I forgive her. This is the first time my detox has directly effected her. She’ll get over it.

Just three more days to go.


3 thoughts on “The Fourth Day

  1. Having done this myself, it strikes me that your posts focus 100% on deprivation, whereas the idea of the experiment, at least my understanding of it, was to remove distractions so that one would write more. I understand that just making these posts was a significant increase in your weekly output, but I am hoping to see “I started a new story” pop up sometime this week.

    What can I say, I’m greedy.

    1. That was the intent of this week. Unfortunately, extenuating circumstances prevented me from getting even my normal writing time. Also, the magnitude of withdraw I was going through led me to believe this was something more than a stifling of my creative flow. This was something that affected my entire being.

      To get a little cryptic, sometimes the answers you get aren’t related to the questions you asked. I’ll get more into it in my final recap of the week.

      1. I think I understand. I got some answers that surprised me, too. And less I sound unsympathetic in any way, I also had crazy withdrawal and while I tried to keep myself busy with household chores and whatnot, I was totally unable to maintain a pure blackout. I did manage to stay away entirely from what I consider my worst, most pointless consumption issues, TV and gossip blogs, but I only made it one gym day without iTunes and was rebelliously sneak-reading Twitter and some SF blogs by Friday.

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