The Fifth Day

Over halfway through my Digital Detox

Today’s the day I expected to have two or three days ago. I was so desperate to keep myself busy and away from the computer, I cleaned parts of the storeroom I haven’t seen in over a year.

I’m actually a little amazed with how much I accomplished. On the flip side, I’m appalled on how much I let slip. I busted my butt and achieved something I haven’t had in a long time: The feeling I got something done.

It felt good. It felt damn good. I wasn’t left with that depressed feeling when I usually leave work. Not depressed to go home, just depressed like I wasted an entire day.

I want more days to feel like this. I had my suspicions that the internet and work had this negative coalition. I didn’t think it was that bad because I always managed to get my work done. I will definitely need to rethink that.

If I keep up this pace at work, I will run out of things to do. That’s when I want to sneak in more writing time. Originally I thought this would happen by today. Reality tells me it might need another week.

Another reason this happened slower than anticipated could be chalked up to the plague running rampant through my house. I really haven’t started to feel my normal self until just yesterday.

This evening I needed to return a movie to the movie store that’s been lying around the house for a while. I get to the store to find it has started its big Store Closing Sale. I want to say it was as bad as a recovering drug addict being offered free rent to live in a crack house or like a newly non-smoker presented with tax-free cigarettes, but it’s not. I never planned to give up these things forever. So I perused the aisles of marked-down movies and walked away with a sack of goodies that I won’t be able to use for another three days.

By the time I got home, my wife and son were cuddled on the couch watching old episodes of Rosanne. That’s where this detox is killing me. I wanted nothing more than to join them in their cocoon of blankets and just be.

Tomorrow starts my weekend edition of my detox. I think I have a handle on my weekdays. Now I need to think on what I want to change from here on out. There are some aspects of this week that I rather enjoyed and others that plain sucked.

Well, tomorrow’s another day in the detox. One more after that and… I’m not really sure yet.


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