The Final Days

These last few days of my Digital Detox I’ve decided to lump them together in one post. Then on Wednesday, I’ll give you my final thoughts about the whole thing.

The Sixth Day

Today I opted to go into work. Since I missed Wednesday, I needed to try to make up the time. The upside of going in on a Saturday is that I don’t have to worry about taking care of other people, only the things I set out to do.

I worked a lot on the computer. The first five hours flew by, but that last one had me against the wall. After staring at the same screen for nearly four hours, I was hard pressed to stay on task. Going online would be so easy. Just a click. No one would care. I needed to look at a different screen.

So I walked away from the computer. I cleaned until it was time to go home.

Back at home my detox barely registered. I rarely go online at home, and my normal television watching time I spent at work. I tried to take the family for a walk, but three out of four of us still had a lingering cough. With how windy the day was, it was the better choice to stay in.

After dinner I went out with me mom. It’s been a while since we’ve done that, and it was nice. I had told her about the moving store closing down, so she wanted to check it out. We walked through the whole store, among the discounted DVDs that I still had another two days before even thinking about. I found an old sci-fi movie I hadn’t seen since I was a kid. If it’s still there in two weeks, I’ll get it. By then it’ll be cheep enough not to worry or if it’s gone, it wasn’t meant to be.

Movie shopping done, we went to Coco’s for some dessert. We had plenty of catching up to do. I told her about my detox. If she thought I was crazy, she politely kept it to herself. My family lived by and for the television. It’s possible she mentally blocked what I told her to prevent her world from caving in. Really she just supports me in whatever I’m trying to accomplish. She’s a good mom.

By the time I got home, the house was already turned down for the night. I talked with my eldest daughter who was still awake. I tried to convince her to try the detox. She took it like I was trying to ground her. I feel any benefits would be lost if that’s how she thought and dropped the subject.

One more day to go. A day without any planned distraction. I wonder how it’ll go.

The Last Day

I was wrong about not having a distraction. I forgot that my wife was spending the majority of the day in a work meeting. That left me with the kids.

Let me be honest here. I’m not a multitasker.  I’m not at all ashamed to say that I am in fact an efficient unitasker. I take on one task at a time and do it the best that it can be done. Why load myself with multiple projects, forcing myself to split my attention amongst those tasks? Do I really want to give multiple projects just a fraction of my potential, or would I rather give one hundred percent of my focus to one thing at a time?

It’s the latter every time.

So when dealing with the kids, I find it’s better to give them all of my attention. No television, no internet, and to my wife’s detriment, no laundry either. What would sh rather have, nicely folded linens or a daughter in one happy, unscathed piece? It’s a no-brainer.

So the day went without a hitch. The kids were happy. The laundry semi-folded. No deviation from the detox.

I deserved a reward.

I gave myself an early parole. All week I denied my wife our end of the day television time. It’s very important that you make time for your spouse. Even though I explained the detox before it began and how I was the only one to go through it, this affected her too. So after the kids were in bed, for an hour I sat on the couch with her and watched some t.v.

The funny thing was, I didn’t care what was on. In fact I found my mind drifting off to other things. The best part was the close company with my wife. She means the world to me. I don’t think she’ll ever have to worry about me trying to detox from her.

Please excuse the excess mush at the end there. Wrapping up the detox possibly had a slight emotional effect on me. I’m not at all trying to earn extra brownie points. Though if I earn them, I’ll not turn them away.

I’ll be back on Wednesday with me final thoughts on this entire week. I’ve had enough time away from it to give it a proper examination. Then you’ll know if it was worth all of the trouble, and whether I got out of it what I had hoped for.


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