Food-Fu and Office Politics

There’s no getting around office politics. If you work in an office, then you work inside a demented political structure. The only person exempt is the boss. He or she dictates the rules or bends them at his or her discretion. And unless you are the boss, the political tide can change with you the last to know. Well I’m here to give you a tool to help stay ahead of the tidal pull. I give you…


I’ve always heard that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. That’s only partially true. It’s the way to everyone’s heart. The trick is knowing the proper time to use this ancient art form.

Feed your coworkers and in turn feed your future.

I will now bestow upon you some richly guarded Food-fu secrets. You them wisely.

1. Know what your coworkers like before bringing in food. Don’t assume everyone like Thai or Indian food. You risk alienating a key person at your job, even if you do supply buckets of antacid.

2. Show your Food-fu in moderation. If you bring in food on a regular basis, you risk making it an expectation rather than a treat. Sure everyone likes the donuts on Fridays, but loath the guy who forgot to bring them that one week.

3. Don’t Food-fu your boss. Although your boss might like it, everyone else will think you’re a kiss ass. They’d be right too.

4. Food-fu your peers. They might not get you to that higher position, but they might not mind as you step on their backs on your way to the top. Who knows, a master Food-fuer could get them to insist that you lead them.

5. Food-fu is more effective at lunch rather than breakfast. In the morning hours people are usually too tired to remember who shoved that extra donut in their hand. Lunchtime is when your Food-fu can be most appreciated.

I hope these tips can help your daily grind. Remember to practice safe Food-fu. It is all too easy for any of these methods to backfire and cause more harm than good.

Perhaps in future posts I can show you how Food-fu can help other aspects of you life.


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