HTBR UPDATE: Child of Fire

I’ve finished Harry Connolly’s book, Child of FIre. I guess that’s pretty obvious from the title of the post. If you haven’t read the first HTBR post, please take a moment and check it out here. Then come on back so I can give you my final thoughts.

Back? Good.

The book keeps up the pacing all the way to the end. The mystery gets solved, although it really isn’t so much as a whodunit, but a howdunit.

As far as the plot of the story, it gets wrapped up. I was however left wanting for enough back story. I can understand the need to cut for the sake of pacing. I can even understand the need to keep things secret for some big reveal. I just hate not knowing. That might not be the case for everyone.

Even though the book is subtitled a Twenty Palace Novel, by the last page I still have no idea what or who the Twenty Palace Society is. I get their basic function (to a very small degree), but I want more answers to the “why” of everything.

Will that stop me from continuing the series?

No. Some of the better series I’ve read didn’t truly capture me until the second or third book. This could be another one of those. Then again, I’ve also had series completely let me down by the third installment. There’s only one way to know.

I plan to pick up Harry Connolly’s next book in the series when it becomes convenient for me. I don’t plan on rushing out to get it, but I won’t forget about it. Christmas always brings at least one bookstore gift card. Maybe around then.

[Update: I just read on Harry’s Connolly’s blog that The Twenty Palace Series has been dropped. There will be no more published. And from what I gather from his post, the third, and now final, book ends on a cliffhanger. Details here.]


4 thoughts on “HTBR UPDATE: Child of Fire

  1. Strangely one of the things I loved about it was NO BACKSTORY!!! :>) There’s a prequel in the Kindle version of the book I bought. I haven’t read it. I’m more interested in what happens next than what happened before!!!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Maria. I’m right there with you. Too many flashbacks or long-winded build ups completely deflate any tension and immediacy. That wasn’t the case for me this time. I didn’t feel I got enough backstory to know why Ray was even there. The pacing and excitement of the story kept me reading, but I had a hard time relating or caring about Ray or Annalise. I found myself more concerned for the town being plagued with horrific happenings, than the people sent to fix it. Maybe I might feel different if I had read the prequel, but my copy didn’t have it.

      1. I know what you’re saying. My friend read it too and she said the same thing you did about connecting with the characters. Annalisse (not sure I spelled that right) did come across as very cold especially at first, but I warmed up to her later. My friend–not so much. Empathy with the main characters can really make or break a book and this particular book didn’t spend a lot of time bringing that connection out very often. Both characters started out very self-centered, but I felt they “grew” into something a little better by the end and for me, that worked.

        But as I start another book, I gotta say, I’m missing the pace of Child of Fire already…

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