HTBR UPDATE: Outlander

I am so glad I’m done with this book. I felt my brain melting with each passing sentence. Why? Let me explain. But first, if you haven’t read the original HTBR, go do that now and come back. I’ll wait.

Now we move on.

I do have good things to say here. Diana Gabaldon’s writing is good and will keep you glued to the page. Her prose paint vivid pictures and creates a most believable world.

Now to the rest. It’s a romance through and through. I don’t care what others might say about it being time travel or historical fiction or epic high fantasy. It’s not. Sure, it has those elements, but only to serve the romance. The entire door stop revolves around one woman and her quest for love and great sex. EVERYTHING ELSE is secondary.

The magic that took her back in time never gets explained or even tries to. There is no other magical element in the story other than the hint of other time travelers. It probably was only used to get a somewhat modern (1946) character into 1743. The whole thing is about a woman getting married to two men and her deciding who she loves more.


The only reason I kept reading was because Gabaldon’s prose are well written. However, well written or not, I will not be continuing the series. My interest is just not there.


2 thoughts on “HTBR UPDATE: Outlander

    1. Thanks, Amy. I really wanted to enjoy this book. The prose were well crafted, but the structure and central theme grated me to the bone. However, I feel this has more to do with personal preferences rather than just being a bad book. I’d hate to sway someone who might actually enjoy it, but all I can do is convey how it made me feel.

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